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  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline + Access to Independent Firearms Program Attorney
  • Legal Defense, Criminal and Civil
  • Zero Attorneys' fees for Covered Events
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  • Not a Reimbursement Scheme
  • Education - Know the Law
  • Gun Law Seminars and Workshops
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  • Covers Use of All Legal Weapons
  • Martial Arts

WHY DO GUN OWNERS NEED LEGAL PROTECTION? - BECAUSE BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO                                                                            GOOD PEOPLE!

  • If you use your gun, there will be an investigation, whether you pull the trigger or not.
  • The legal system can be hostile, even if you did nothing wrong.
  • Firearms laws are complicated and change often. Have a go-to source.

As a gun owner, you've made a commitment to protect the ones you love. At Texas Law Shield, we are just as committed to helping protect our members-Legal gun owners.

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There  is no worse feeling than finding yourself facing arrest or criminal  charges after having to use your handgun for your protection or the  protection of a loved one or another citizen, not knowing what your next step is or having an experienced and qualified CHL attorney to represent you. For  just pennies a day you can rest comfortably with Texas Law Shield. Promo Code:  waterlooprocess 

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PROMO CODE: waterlooprocess