Why Waterloo Legal Process Service?

Here's WHY!


Superior Service at Reasonable Rates!!

Why you should consider Waterloo Legal Process as your Primary Process Service Provider:

First, I have to say, we are one of the least expensive companies to serve process, having Standard Service Fees that start at $65 for one document at one address. 

This cost increases with additional documents to be served at the same address and/or at additional addresses. However, we are not ‘nit-picky’ about this if a second address is in close proximity to the first address. Usually, not further than two miles. Fees increase with further distances from our office to the location where the documents are to be served. 


Waterloo Legal Process Service owner, Rodney Bryant, is a retired Austin Police Department Criminal Investigator. He is currently a Licensed Private Investigator, as well as a Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Detective assigned to the Cold Case Homicide Unit. Waterloo Legal Process Service has been serving process, professionally, for 12 years. In this time, WLPS has never received a complaint to the Process Service Review Board. We can also, proudly, say, we have never experienced an altercation with any Respondent/Defendant whom we have served with process. This is always possible when one knows how to treat people who might be having a difficult time in their life at the time. We treat all Respondents/Defendants with empathy, compassion and respect. Harassment is strictly prohibited by WLPS. We maintain impeccable standards and ethics in the Process Service industry. We have never been subpoenaed to court for Improper Service. 

Further, we have a “Pledge to Clients” that states, as follows:

“Waterloo Legal Process Service values every client, as well as 

all services provided to our clients. For this reason, we require

all clients to be satisfied with services received. Thus:


ANY CLIENTwho feels they have, FOR ANY REASON, received less 

than quality service, that client will NOT BE BILLED for those services. 

(Exception: Fees already paid to a third-party to further service.

Example: Secretary of State $55 Fee for Registered Agents.)

Although our pledge states, “FOR ANY REASON”, we only

ask that you share that reason, allowing us an opportunity to 

correct and improve our service in addition to preventing 

future occurrences.”

Part of our service, with exception to Harris County Documents, includes 3 Free Attempts. Again, we are fairly flexible where this is concerned as well. We understand, on occasion, there will be extenuating circumstances that will allow us to provide a 4th Attempt at no charge and we are happy to oblige. We are not able to charge Standard Fees for Harris County Documents, considering that they required from 4 to 6 Attempts. For this reason, we must start those fees at $85.

“RUSH” Services-

Although the Process Service profession has ‘Industry Standards’, WLPS feels that our clients are not always best served by these standards. Instead, we choose to be more flexible than most, allowing lower costs to you. 

A good example of this would be ‘RUSH’ Service requests. While we provide ‘RUSH’ options, we do not let your ‘Standard’ Service documents lay idle in a file waiting to be served. We prefer to get them out the door as soon as possible. On a time-available basis, we make first attempt within 4 to 12 hours (dependent on the time of day documents are received) without charging ‘RUSH’ Rates. 

However, when your documents are required to be served within 24 Hours, it is always our suggestion that you SPECIFY ‘RUSH’ SERVICE in order to insure they are served within that time frame. 

Registered Agents-

WLPS has the most reasonable rates for Process Service to Registered Agents in Travis and Williamson Counties. For this service, we charge a Flat Fee of $40 Per Document. This is possible because it requires only one attempt and we want our clients to be the beneficiaries of this advantage.

Surveillance Requirements-(Wait-time)

While many Process Service companies charge exuberant Surveillance Fees, many starting at $100ph plus, WLPS bills the client $75ph, billed in half-hour increments. Also, more importantly, we provide the first half hour at no charge upon request.


Loyalty Service-

WLPS enjoys serving many clients as their exclusive Process Service company. As a Loyalty Client, on a monthly basis, after a client has sent us ten (10) or more documents to be served, they receive a $10 Discount on all service of each document for that month. This is calculated at the end of the month and Rebate Checks are mailed back to them.

Notary Services:



When you choose WLPS as your Process Service provider, you receive convenient Online Invoices, payable by whichever payment method you prefer. We allow a 30-day payment period. Mailed payment by Check is also acceptable. As long as you maintain a good payment record (No outstanding, payable invoices past the 30-Day payment window) WLPS will not require payment up front. 


WLPS understands, not all process service events are the same. As a result, we choose to keep an open mind and are more than willing to discuss individual circumstances at any time. While we admit, there will be occasions that we will be unable to provide a particular request, we always do our best to find a solution with the client’s best interests in mind. 

So! We ask, WHY NOT give Waterloo Legal Process Service an opportunity to prove our worth? You will not be disappointed. We have a ‘Pledge to Clients’ to back us up. 

Check out our Rates for Service for the below services on RATES page. 

Standard/Rush Service

Additional Documents

Additional Addresses

Additional Attempts

Registered Agent

Secretary of State

Counties Not Listed

Return Affidavits / Due Diligence Affidavits

Document Pick-up Service

Return Affidavit Filing Service

Document Printing Service

Courier Service

Mobile Notary Service